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MWorks Online Program consists of eight, one hour LIVE sessions via the ZOOM video platform. There are two opportunities every week to participate in the MindCul webinar.  Each week the course will examine a new topic, that over the eight weeks will provide a strong theoretical and practical understanding of mindfulness and its impact on the individual.  Different mindfulness practices will be taught around these topics, and these will give participants increased practical skills and confidence in applying mindful awareness to their working lives.

Topics covered each week are [click below for more details]:

  1. What is Mindfulness?
  2. Living ‘in our heads’
  3. What happens when we get stressed?
  4. Ways we react to stress
  5. Choosing your response
  6. Being with someone
  7. Taking care of yourself
  8. Remembering to be mindful

There will be one-day practice ‘silent’ session held in-person (in Dublin area) between week 6 and week 7.

A number of mindfulness and resilience surveys will be carried out over the course of the online program to measure impact among participants.

Course Details

Date & Time
  • Next Course Starting April 2019
  • Select one Group to start then change week-by-week
  • First start date – Group A – Tuesday April 16th from 8 – 9pm
  • Second start date – Group B – Wednesday April 17th from 6pm – 7pm
  • One ‘Practice’ Day in-person (in Dublin Area) – Saturday May 25th from 10am to 4pm
  • Total cost €75 / £65 per person

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