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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
Viktor Frankl


The MWorks Program is designed to help employees become more aware of what is actually happening. This allows them to handle workplace stress, anxiety and inter-personal difficulties in a more responsive and resilient way, rather than automatically reacting to events. It’s primary focus is individual change.

MWorks is developed explicitly for the workplace but is based on the MBSR program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts.

MWorks can be structured in a number of different ways:

MWorks Introduction

MWorks Introduction is run over two hours. Participants discuss what mindfulness means and doesn’t mean, as well as building an understanding of the benefits of being more mindful. During the two hours they undertake a number of short mindfulness practices – the Bodyscan, Mindful Movements, Sitting Meditation and Compassion Training.  The main objective of the Introductory Program is to give participants a basic understanding of mindfulness.

MWorks Day

MWorks Day is run over a single day (eight hours). Split into five sessions, participants will experience all the main mindfulness practices as well as taking part in a series of group exercises designed to show, among other things, how the brain works and how individuals experience and deal with stress. Part of the day will also involve silent reflection.

MWorks Course

The full MWorks Program consists of eight, one hour sessions on consecutive weeks.  Each week the course will examine a new topic, that over the eight weeks will provide a strong theoretical and practical understanding of mindfulness and its impact on the individual.  Different mindfulness practices will be taught around these topics, and these will give participants increased practical skills and confidence in applying mindful awareness to their working lives.

Topics covered each week are:

  1. What is Mindfulness
  2. Noticing how we live ‘in our heads’
  3. What happens when we get stressed
  4. Ways we react to Stress
  5. Choosing how to ‘Respond’ rather than ‘React’
  6. Being more engaged with someone
  7. Practicing Care
  8. Remembering the Lessons Learned.

Between week six and seven there is also a one day practice ‘silent’ session. A number of mindfulness and resilience surveys will be carried out over the course of the program to measure impact among participants.

MWorks Online

MWorks Online replicates the full MWorks Course but allows participants to do it from the comfort of their desk.

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