Impact of Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Impact of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in employees results in (Hülsheger et al):

  • less emotional exhaustion
  • more job satisfaction

Mindfulness leads to (Dane et al):

  • improved job performance
  • lower turnover intention

The more mindful a manager was the (Reb et al):

  • lower the employee’s emotional exhaustion and the better their well being
  • better job satisfaction they experienced
  • better their overall work performance

Those with greater levels of mindfulness were (Krishnakumar et al):

  • less likely to engage in counterproductive practices when dealing with co-workers, because they were less hostile in their behaviour .

People who were more mindful(Wang et al):

  • had better customer encounters

Mindful employees (Mesmer-magnus et al):

  • worked harder and had better job performance
  • had higher job satisfaction
  • had less burnout, stress and job withdrawal

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