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CBI Analysis


Add all the scores and then divide by the number of questions in each section
(Personal, Work, Client Burnout) to get the Mean for each section. 
Plot on the chart below

CBI Chart

Your score indicates if you are experiencing Low or High Burnout

How do you compare? *

* Borritz, M., Kristensen, T., 2004. Copenhagen burnout inventory: normative data from a representative Danish population on personal burnout and results from the PUMA study on personal burnout, work burnout, and client burnout.

Proportions of the whole PUMA population * with high degree of burnout, defined as 50 points or more:

What does Standard Deviation (S.D.) mean?

In a Normal Distribution, 68% of scores are within 1 S.D. of the mean, 95% are 2 S.D. and 99.7% are 3 S.D. of mean

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